Babyology Bonanza for a Global 7 A.M. Enfant

However much a temperature overrides a sense of being and situation, there is always another temperature at some other point in the world.  Difficult to sometimes imagine the glowing sun on your back when each bodily part is wrapped up and protected against the wind, snow, rain or hail!

But that is what makes this world ever fascinating and enjoyable.  Seasonal living is indeed such an integral part of moods, nature, inspiration and activities.  It creates color and movement and allows the year to be buoyant and beautiful.

In Australia at the moment, there are warm climates to enjoy but shortly as we move into Spring, they shall shift into Winter.  That is why the Baby Shield can suit so many locations, climates and families around the globe.  With an innovative design that allows a longer usage period, the Baby Shield has x2 interchangeable covers; for freezing, cooler and warmer days.

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