The Papoose is a great light weight vibrant coloured bunting bag for the spring. I used it most on my infant car seat since my child is still quite happy being in there. The Papoose kept my child warm when it was chilly out, kept him dry when it was raining and it kept him protected when it was windy. There wasn’t any loose fabric to flap around in the wind which I experienced with my winter bunting bag by another company.

The Papoose did what it said it would do. It was a nice lightweight bunting bag, great for the warmer spring days that still require a bit of a cover. The soft inner lining stayed plush and cozy. I loved that it wrapped around the seat as a seat liner when full coverage wasn’t needed.

Yes the Papoose seems very well made. I must have zipped and unzipped the main zipper a thousand times taking my son in and out over the course of the month that I tested this product, and it withheld even the forceful ‘mommy in a rush, lets go’ zips!

My son seemed very comfortable being in his infant seat when this product was being used which makes me a happy mommy.

Yes! This product held up in the wash and even stayed just as plush on the inside as when I first took it out of the package. It kept my son warm and dry which is all I can really ask for…also it makes a GREAT seat liner.

I would recommend the papoose on account of it’s features. I like how it is soft on the inside, waterproof on the outside. The pocket on the front is also great r anything extra you want to keep in your stroller.

I have searched high and low for a diaper bag that my hubby and I would be happy and content with.  I’ve ordered several and end up returning them until I found this one.  This might be a bit big for others but it’s perfect for us, since we always carry a small can of formula and a can of rice cereal along with all the baby essentials.  It has plenty of pockets inside and out an since we travel quite a bit we’re able to fit everything that we need our our son.  I have washed it quite a few times since we purchased them and it still looks great.  We really like the material too, it’s very nice and soft.  My hubby’s not embarrassed to carry them either!

Today, my daughter enjoyed a long walk in her new evolution blanket, this great and warm product. Thank you 7 am, you make my life easier and my daughter’s comfort a priority.

Now that winter is coming to an end, I have to say that I wouldn’t have wanted to go through the winter without the 212 Blanket.  Walking and subway are my primary forms of transportation and my 1yr old son and I walk about 1 mile home together every evening, where there is no way to avoid the cold and windy weather.  I’ve used the 212 Blanket every day for at least 3 months and I’ve been very happy with it.  There are extra velcro attachments on the underside to help it stay in the stroller.  I can’t imagine having gone through this winter without it and I look forward to using it again next winter. Mother, New York

Get it!  We saw people using it walking along the streets in Boston and NYC, and kept researching until the winter was almost unbearable.  It is like a sleeping bag you’d use to climb Everest – baby is wrapped up, cozy and comfortable.  It comes with parts that you can detach/attach to make it smaller or larger.  Get it!

I was thrilled to buy this, and I thought it was a genious idea, especially since my son won’t wear a hat or gloves no matter how cold outside. It works like a polar-expedition sleeping bag, and it fit my Phil & Ted’s stroller perfectly. Baby was snuggled, warm and comfy in the worst weather, without having to wear bulky winter outerwear.

I got this for my 8 months old son who hates all the snowsuits. This is so comfortable for him. We live in New York and right now its the middle of February and I put on him when we go out a pair of warm pants. long sleeve onesie,warm fall like jacket, booties, hat and we are ready to go. The material is great, the look is awesome, very practical. When we go to the store I open it up so he will not sweat while I do my shopping and close him up before going back out to the cold. Very satisfied with this product.

This blanket is excellent so far. It fits perfectly on our stroller (an older model Maclaren) and my 13 month old loves it. It looks nice and washed & dried well in a commercial washer. It seems warm enough for an NYC winter and I love that it has the extensions to make it last longer. We don’t use the stroller much because we wear her, but our nanny uses it regularly and also loves it. I think it was worth the $.

I love the booties for early walkers.  What a great idea instead of bogging them down with snow boots.

Very cute booties!  They are soft and warm, I like the color and they come in nice packaging so that they can be a great baby gift.

It’s absolutely fantastic!!! I wish I had had one sooner! It’s large, roomy, warm, has velcro tabs and poppers to secure it to the sides and childrens harnesses. The bottom is drawstring so it’s easy to pull it up tight once the children are settled. I thought that between my exceedingly wriggly toddler and baby who likes his legs in the air, that they would kick it straight off. But no! Within 30 seconds the baby was fast asleep and my toddler refused to come out because ‘it was snuggly!’ It’s been really easy to put on the two pushchairs and I simply wanted to say what a fab product this is. I was sceptical but it’s great! Its just been much much easier than doing battle with two cosy toes. It’s been easy enough to leave the baby sleeping and remove the protesting toddler!!! – A great product!

I thought my toddler would kick it off too but she didn’t do. Theres also a zip mostly up the middle so you can semi split it if you wanted to. There is a strap you can attach to a harness near the middle which will keep the blanket on each child ie so that it can’t be kicked off, and you can pull the cord underneath tight around the footrest area too so again it would be hard to pull off. Theres also two sets of velcro taps that you can attach to the chassis / middle. So all round its pretty firm on!!

It’s simple ingenious.

I have twins and think the duo is an unbelievable idea.  I love the elasticized toggle that slips over the double stroller in a minute in waterproof insulation.  Since the twins are boy/girl, any color would do but I love the orange.

I love this thing. I get stopped multiple times every time I’m out with it by other mommies asking where I got it. I am a very picky person and the quality and versatility are outstanding. The baby loves it too. It is SO warm and looks great too. It is pricey, but very worth it. Get the large unless you plan on using it for an infant carrier only so that you can use it for more than one winter. It’s fabulous!!! I will be buying a second one when I have another baby.

I get stopped all the time by people asking me about the sack.  I can’t rave about it enough.  There’s nothing like it on the market and it meets all of mine and my child’s needs.

I love my single one – great for the freeeezing Basel winter as you don’t need to gaff around putting hundreds of layers or coat on baby. Well done 7am ;)

First, do not be fooled into thinking this is a simple car seat cover or foot muff. It is MUCH more than that and will serve multiple functions for you and your family! It can easily be used as a snow suit for babies not able to walk (think of a portable sleeping bag for the baby), a car seat cover, a stroller cover, and a fleece blanket. It is truly amazing. My husband was worried about safety in terms of padding being IN the car seat while traveling (the extra blanket UNDER the baby). The item DOES have opening for a 5 point harness system AND works for the belts on a stroller. Which is even BETTER is that it can be seperated and be ONLY a cover for the top/ front of the car seat (so no padding in the back). The hood can unzip, fold down, and has a removeable fur lining on the top of it.  What I personally love best is the added warmth that can be removed. Because the fleece blanket can easily be taken out . . . it means when the weather becomes warmer (which is often does in the area I live), you can easily remove the fleece blanket, allowing the entire system to be lighter AND you have a fleece blanket if you JUST need to use that.

This item is truly amazing! It is adorable and multi-functional! You will NOT be disappointed!

I ordered the 7AM Enfant Le Sac Igloo, along with two other car seat covers from Amazon.  The two competitors did not fit right, I could get them over the car seat, but the cut out for the baby’s head was too low, so her eyes were blocked.  The Igloo fits!  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am.

I am really impressed by how warm everything keeps my 8month old son, even in our extremely cold New York winter.

How amazing is the line of 7AM Enfant! We have been fans since day 1.  Our children spent their entire winters in their buntings, much better than other brands that we and my friends have tried.